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A Message from

Jim Schmidt 

President of the Continentals Global Foundation

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For a monthly Sustaining Partner gift of ANY amount, I want to say thank you

by sending you a compilaton CD appropriately entitled



These are solos and duets I recorded on Continental albums over the last ten years, including my friend Scott Wesley Brown's classic, THIS LITTLE CHILD. 

It was the fall of 1978, I was 17 years old, and I had just come back from a life-changing experience on my first summer tour with The Continentals. I attended a concert by The Jeremiah People at a church in Long Beach, CA, where I ran into Cam Floria, Founder of The Continentals. I had met Cam once before and was excited to say hello to tell him about my tour experience.


He was gracious and engaging, asked about my tour, and if I was planning to tour again the following summer. Indeed I was, on the tour to Great Britain.


And then it happened.  Life changed in an instant.


He said, 'Well, let me ask you something. Would you ever consider  being an executive with The Continental organization some day?'  What?!  What kind of question is that to ask a 17-year-old kid?


"Of course I would!", was the obvious reply.  He continued, "...then I recommend you switch tours and travel with Director Fred Heumann".  


I called The Continental office the next day, and that was that. A life-changing encounter, a life-changing phone call, and a truly life-changing tour with my now great friend Fred Heumann. I learned so many valuable lessons on that three month tour all over Europe and America.


You see, I came to understand that Cam's question, though seemingly out of the blue (out of his mind was my thought at the time!) is the kind of probing question a leader with vision asks of someone they see as having leadership potential. 


I am one of thousands whose life was changed by The Continental experience. Former Continentals, particularly those trained in leadership, have gone on to be pastors, educators, business owners, missionaries, artists, authors, worship leaders, motion picture producers, record and publishing company executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders in law, industry and countless parachurch organizations. 


They have become agents of culture change.


As a Sustaining Partner of the Continentals Global Foundation your monthly gift will help us to find another generation of leaders to change the world.


Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what's happening around the world today through CGF.

The Continental story goes on. Be part of it.


Jim Schmidt

President of the Continentals Global Foundation

Continentals Global Foundation



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