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"The Bible clearly says David was, 'A man after God's own heart.'  Though he was not a perfect man, he loved God passionately and allowed the Holy Spirit to keep him close to his maker. God loves and wants that from all of us, and Cam reveals how David learned to maintain that precious relationship.  We should all imitate him to get that same incalculable result."




Recording artist and Actor


“I have known Cam Floria for more than 30 years and have always been moved by his love of Scripture and especially his study of the life of David.  In this book, Cam captures his years of study and provides an excellent overview of the life of David and gives the reader an insightful view of what made David a man after God's own heart.  Cam has captured seven practical qualities of David's life that, if applied to the life of the reader, will strengthen faith and trust in God's provision for every day.  I found the book refreshing and extremely observant of those qualities that marked David's life. This book gives the motivation to persevere and strive after that which would mark any person as one who longs to be transformed in the image of Christ. If you desire to be one who is labeled as a man or woman after God's own heart, you will find this book a great treasure of inspiration and encouragement in your pursuit of putting God's glory on display in your life!”



Pastor of Administration

Grace Community Church

Sun Valley, CA 


  "Cam Floria's study of David's heart will lead you to better understand two things:  why David was Israel's greatest king; and how God dealt with David gives us guidance in how we, too, can be men and women after God's own heart.  Not a theological treatise, this book is a practical guide to draw the Christ-follower closer to the Father in our daily lives."



President - Artists in Christian Testimony Intl


"I've known Cam Floria since 1971 and his writing and insight are born from a lifetime of great victory mixed with loss and defeat, a strong faith that will not give up and  a heart that beats for the kingdom of God.  David, like all of us, experienced victory, loss, heartbreak, failure and the agony of disobedience but God, in His faithfulness, was restored and, most of all, loved by the Heavenly Father.  I hope this book will help you identify the places in your life that need to be overwhelmed by God's grace."




Singer / Songwriter


“One of my favorite rooms in our home is my library. Over on one wall there are shelves holding approximately 500 books. I'm not claiming to have read them all as yet, but I'm working on it! The reason I mention this is to establish myself as a devoted reader, so that when I tell you Cam Floria's book, "David's 7 Secrets", is a must read you will take me seriously. Cam has assembled an astounding compilation of historical facts, and there has been a lot of research involved.


Being a musician, I dearly loved his references to, and inclusion of, many of our most precious old gospel songs. But best of all, I find his continual quotations of scripture throughout the book absolute proof that we've got the true picture of King David. This is an exciting biographical thriller from beginning to end!”



Legendary composer,

arranger, conductor

Original Corporation Co-Signer

for The Continental Singers

with Cam Floria


“David’s 7 Secrets is an incredibly helpful look into David’s life and how the lessons God taught him can change mine!  Cameron Floria has written a solidly Biblical and historical book that is inspirational, educational, and most of all, practical.  I found it difficult to put down and was encouraged and challenged by what I read.    I would highly recommend “Secrets” to anyone who wants to become a man or woman after God’s own heart!”



Lead Pastor

First Baptist Church, Pomona CA


“What does it mean to be a man of God? What does it look like?  How is it expressed? Where does one begin?  Cameron Floria explores the life of David to reveal from the Scriptures seven key characteristics of the heart that not only marked his life and love and walk with God, but also marks and calls for ours as well."



Pastor Emeritus

Coast Hills Community Church

Aliso Viejo, CA


My friend Cam Floria is many things… relentless visionary, radical risk-taker, and a man after God’s heart.  I have known Cam for over 30 years and have seen him persevere time and again, pushing through many obstacles, to expand the Kingdom of Christ around the world through music when others would have long given up.  I can see how David is a character to whom Cam relates and about whom he felt called to write.  There are many similarities between them… the primary of which is a passionate unyielding desire to pursue and know the heart of the God.  Cam takes us not only into the externals about David, but more importantly into what drove him deep within.  As I read about the life of David in these pages, I am once again brought to my knees in complete surrender to an amazing Creator, Father, and pursuer of my heart.  Grab a cup of coffee, find your own “lava rock cliff” and read this book!  You will be changed and – like Cam, and David – you will not be able to resist laying yourself wide open with complete abandon to knowing the heart of the Father.



Continental Singers Director,

and CEO Southern Orthocare


"David was many things – saint, sinner, king, poet, musician and more. But to understand this biblical icon, we must understand what scripture means when it says that he was “a man after God’s own heart.” The way into that truth cannot be fully understood by didactic scholarship alone. What Cam Floria has done with his new book and magnificent cantata is to take us inside the meaning of that arresting phrase. Cam is himself a magnificent musician who opens the door into both the heart of God and the heart of David. Sharing that journey has touched my heart. I know it will do the same for all who read and listen to this masterful work."



President and Host

Compassion Radio


"While the story of David is not a new one, Cam’s fresh approach reminds us that each of the virtues of David’s life can speak to us profoundly. Anyone wanting to develop a lifestyle that is “after God’s own heart” will enjoy what the Spirit of God has to say about discovering the secrets of the psalmist."




Worship Pastor

Denver First Church


"Everyone has a story. Especially David! Of all the people God could have chosen to be a hero of the faith, David certainly seems like an unlikely candidate. In the book ‘David’s Seven Secrets’, Cam Floria has managed to mine out fresh insights from David’s life story providing a beautiful catalyst to breakthroughs of the heart. In case your heart for God has grown a little callused over the years, I suggest you pick up this great book that is likely to make your heart beat a little harder in all the right ways."



President - Slingshot Group


“Getting our hearts aligned with God’s.  Could there be a greater goal?  The chapter on worship especially spoke to me - - imagine the mountains shouting, the trees clapping and the hills singing.  It’s a beautiful read written by a dear friend.”




Singer / Songwriter


"There is King David, and there is royally flawed David. Cam Floria has managed to take an ancient story we all know so well and glean powerful current insights from David's life lessons as though they were ripped from yesterday's headlines. 'David's Seven Secrets' is a treasure of inspiration for anyone desiring to be a person after God's own heart, such as a royally flawed guy like me."



- President -

Continentals Global Foundation

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