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In 'David's Seven Secrets' Cam Floria examines how we can learn valuable life lessons from David's mistakes and successes. The author extracts seven secrets to experience a closer walk with God.  A detailed facilitator's guide is included for leading a Bible study based on these seven secrets and related Bible verses.

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"Everyone has a story. Especially David! Of all the people God could have chosen to be a hero of the faith, David certainly seems like an unlikely candidate. In the book ‘David’s Seven Secrets’, Cam Floria has managed to mine out fresh insights from David’s life story providing a beautiful catalyst to breakthroughs of the heart. In case your heart for God has grown a little callused over the years, I suggest you pick up this great book that is likely to make your heart beat a little harder in all the right ways."

President - Slingshot Group

'David's Seven Secrets' Paperback

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