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Lives in Seoul, Korea


Current Occupation: Director - Korean Continentals





Director/Mentors: Myoungshik Kim


Member of the Korean Continentals


"In the past of my youth, I was determined to give all my life to God and His callings, and as part of His calling for me, I was able to meet upon the Continentals. The Continentals has specifically shown me how to serve as a messenger of faith and the Gospel. The experiences I have had during the missions of the Korean Continentals have taught me the passion I need to have in order to spread the Gospel, and also how to realistically express my passion to the world. I have learned what to do, and how to do my best in order to do God’s work. Also, the leadership trainings I have had and the experiences of systematic trainings of concerts have allowed me to be credited as a better leader and a teacher at the sites of teaching the churches’ youths.


The most important lesson, out of all, is that God has let me realize the reason He has given music in my life, and with the Continentals, He has let me understand why I need to sing. As I witness the Gospel touch someone’s heart through my singing and they come before God, I know that I live the most meaningful life with a firm belief upon God’s purpose and calling for me."


Yoon-seok Choi




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