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Lives in Houston, Texas


Current Occupation: Professional photographer, author of Chord Piano Is Fun, professional musician.





Director/Mentors: Monty Kelso, Jim Schmidt



“I traveled with Continental Singers on four tours – two with Monty and Christa Kelso, and two with Jim and Karen Schmidt.   Through my tours and experience with the Continentals, I discovered that I had become, as a friend of mine and former continental said, “A world citizen.”  My eyes were open not only to the fact that everywhere we go people are the same and have the same needs, and people everywhere not only need Jesus, but want him.  


Two of the most poignant moments for me were while I was in Africa – on two separate tours.  In Zimbabwe, after a concert, I was speaking with two young men at length and felt as if God told me to say to one of them, “Are you ready to step out of darkness into light – the light of Jesus?”  He said that he was, and after we prayed he exclaimed, “I feel so clean inside!  I feel so new!”  Before this, he was quite subdued, but Jesus met him right there at the moment he asked him to enter his life.


On another tour, in Kenya, our small team ministered with the Jesus Film (Campus Crusade For Christ) in a small Samburu village.  The morning after showing the film (translated into their language), the head warrior of the tribe approached one of the guys on our team and said, “This Jesus has power over death.  How can I serve him?”


These are just a few of the experience that I had with Continentals.   Not only did I learn to love those who were not like me, I realized that Jesus is an “every person’s God.”  He truly came to give life to the world.  

I will forever be grateful to God for Continental Singers and the opportunity to use my musical gifts to bring people into the Kingdom of Heaven!”

Tammy Goforth


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