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Lives in Kauai, HI


Current Occupation: CGF Board Member, Founder and original President of The Continental Singers, Owner Christian Artists Seminar, Records & Publishing,





Founder and original President of The Continental Singers.


Launched in 1963 with the Continental group affectionately referred to as 'The Originals'. 


Officially founded Continental Singers Inc in California in 1967, with Cam and Ralph Carmichael signing the official documents.



Mentors & Inspirations: Ralph Carmichael, Thurlow Spurr, Fred Waring.



"The first and most important part of this ministry for me personally is that it has fulfilled my calling as a Christian.

We are all called once we give our lives to the Lord.

The Continentals has been my response to that call.


From the very first downbeat it has always been about reaching the world for Christ through music. That was my call then,

and that is our call as a ministry now 50 years on."






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"The guy who tossed the pebble into the pond 

that created 'the ripple effect"   - JIM SCHMIDT

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