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Lives in Carolina, Puerto Rico


Current Occupation: Singing Teacher and Administrative Manager at the first Christian radio station in Puerto Rico - 104.1FM Redeemer 





Director/Mentors: Kevin Navarro, Colin Hearn, Rob Bradford


Directed the Latin Continentals



"The experience with the Latin Continentals Singers, marked my life and the life around me forever. My start with this ministry, was at the age of 16 years, first as a singer then as assistant director and finally as director, serving as musical producer of several musical productions of the ministry. the most that has impacted my life even in my 44 years old, is the discipline and professionalism with which everything was done. it was important! Do everything with excellence, it was our first worship God and our main tool to present Jesus Christ as Savior. I learned to love the discipline and order and have applied it in everything I do today. I know that the practice of it, made me be an effective woman in all my roles as a believer in Christ and as a professional. "



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