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Lives in Mechanicsburg PA


Current Occupation:

Dr. Michael A. Harcrow, Associate Professor of Music

Department of Music, Messiah College, Mechanicsburg PA






Directors: Larry Sparks, Jim Schmidt, Scott Naumann, Michael Mahoney, Dan Whitehead, Jon Eric Woodward.


Other mentors: Choe Youshin/Korea, Mark Ramquist/Japan, Roger Ng/Singapore, Tjalling Kamstra/Holland.


"My position as a professor of music at a Christian college would not likely have come about without the experiences of my several tours with the Continentals.  Aside from the many challenges and adventures of touring (and there are numerous great stories there), I learned that high musical standards and faith are not at all exclusive.  God's creation inspires man to create, and believers will reflect their artistic gifts back to Him in worship.  This is a high and worthy goal, and it is foremost among the skills and beliefs I trust my students take with them into their careers."



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