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Lives in Mexico City, MEXICO


Current Occupation: Former Director and now Board Member for The Mexican Continentals





Director/Mentors: Angie Burns, Grant Wutzke, and Nathan May.


-Toured with The Jeremiah People.

-Directed The Mexican Continentals



"In 2006 I was asked to start this ministry in Mexico, with no funds, no leadership team, not being a director myself, no music, no singers, only with the support of Cam Floria  telling me " It's easy" "Have Faith" "You can do it" and the invitation to a Director's retreat. The only thing I could see from that time  until now, is the hand of God with us moving every single thing into place!


I could see how much God wanted this ministry to expand to different countries! I could see Him working even until now, healing lives, changing hearts, even though we have had many obstacles and fights to face, we are standing up by the Grace of God! We dont have the best singers, but the most willing and loving people! We have some young people here in Mexico that came to this ministry to stay over the years, and God had blessed them so much! I can see their passion for God and the strong will to serve even though none of us is being paid for doing this, but we are more than happy and Joyful to continue with this so much blessed ministry! 


Continental Ministries has caused a BIG impact in my life and in the lives of many here in Mexico. We have seen many miracles and extraordinary things  in every concert, and we ask God to continue changing lives  through us.


I'm so blessed in many ways of being part of this ministry and I'm sure our new Director Rosalba Anzaldo and our other young leadership people are too!  We are Family."


Lum Carcarmo



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