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Lives in Scottsdale AZ


Current Occupation: CGF Board Member, Scottsdale Bible Church Worship Arts Staff.




Directors/Mentors: Ron Tewson, Chuck Bolte, Brian Mulder, Jim Chaffee. 


Director US tours in 82-84


Moved to Hungary to pioneer and Direct the Hungarian Continentals.


"A seemingly random question to me from Cam Floria changed the direction of my life: "How would you like to be our first female director?" Having toured with the Continentals as a teenager, I was awake all night intrigued by the possibility.


In just days, an urgent need for an assistant director on a tour developed, and there I was- learning, growing, becoming, using my developed skills and adding new ones. I was taught public speaking, creative programming, leading and discipling young people, overcoming obstacles, and managing international tours, all of which enabled us as leaders to take the gospel to the world.


The third tour I directed took me to Hungary where I experienced a clear call of God to live there and begin the ministry of the Hungarian Continental Singers. This was during the Communist era and a time of great challenge, growth, and ministry for five years with an amazing group of people, who still meet and call each other family now thirty years later. Under new national leadership, the ongoing ministry of the Hungarian Continentals has flourished and continues to this day.

Today I serve in my local church, helping shape weekly services and seasonal productions. I also serve on the board of Continentals Global Foundation because of my great desire for young people around the world to have the life-changing musical and spiritual experiences that came my way through this touring ministry."




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