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Lives in Chino Hills, CA


Current Occupation: Home stager, online marketing consultant, CGF Board Member.





Director/Mentors: Ken and Nancy Waggoner, Chuck and Soozi Bolte, Jim Custer, Jeff Kennedy, Larry Sparks.



"Growing up in Southern California, tourist destination to the world, my little mind could not imagine wanting to be anywhere else. The world I lived in was comfortable, manageable, superficial and … small. After rededicating my life and heart to the Lord in 1976, God radically bumped out the walls of my existence! Less than six months later I was sharing of God’s incredible grace to precious people in Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and ISRAEL!! Imagine visiting the sites where our Lord walked, taught, lived and breathed - without a real understanding yet of the history in the Bible! Through Continental Singers I was immersed in fellowship with brilliant people of faith, and so began a walk with Him that has carried me further than all the miles travelled that summer and beyond!


It is such a privilege now to serve with the Continental Global Foundation board, with eyes wide open to the great big world around us languishing still for Jesus, and ripe for harvest.”

Joyce Anderson

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