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Lives in Bakersfield CA


Current Occupation:

President, Continentals Global Foundation.


Also film producer, and Slingshot Group associate.





Director/Mentors: Brad Holmes, Fred Heumann, Monty Kelso, and Cam Floria.


-Two tours as vocalist

-One tour as Asst Director to Monty Kelso

-Directed British Continentals 1981, and US tours 1983-1986

-Lead vocal / Director 'Innermission' 1987 to New Zealand / Australia.

-VP Int'l for Continental Singers 1988 - 1996

-Board Member 2000-2008

-President Continental Singers 2008

-President Continentals Global Foundation 2014 to present



"I always say I went to the 'University of The Continentals'. All I learned about mission, passion, excellence and purpose were birthed out of my Continental experience. What is often called 'the experience of a lifetime' was for me 'a lifetime of experience'.  It is my great privilege to lead CGF to an ongoing future of Vision, Leadership, Excellence and Impact"



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