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Rev. Greg Creasy


Lives in Huntington WV


Current Occupation:

Director, Department of Spiritual Care, Counseling and Mission at St. Mary’s Medical Center, Huntington, WV




Directors: Wayne Graham, Jim Schmidt and Jim Custer

Other Mentors: Cam Floria, Ryan Kelly, Al Streder


Continental Experience:  Director of US Groups  1986 – 1990, Director of British Continentals 1985, Director of International Continentals 1986 and Jeremiah People 1984-85.


“My years with Continentals were some of the best in preparing me for ministry.  It gave me the opportunity to grow as a leader, teacher, pastor and friend.  My heart for missions around the globe was expanded exponentially and my vision for where God was leading me in the future was shaped through my vast experience.  I am the leader I am today because of the Continentals.“


Greg Creasy

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