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Lives in Indio CA


Current Occupation: CGF Board Member, Producer, Entrepreneur





Director/Mentors: Cam Floria, Steve Hilson, John Lee, Will Renzema, Ken Waggoner.



"My first encounter with The Continental Singers and Director, Cam Floria, was at my church in Denver, CO when I was 13 years old.  Calvary Temple invited all the groups to come through, but this one got me!  I sat on the front row and spent most of the concert crying, I was so emotionally moved.  I wanted, more than anything, to be a part of this group.  It touched my little teenage heart.  I knew I would join them one day.  

Two years later, my daddy took a job assignment in, none other than, Portland, OR and guess what?  My dream came true.  I started with The Continentals when they were a part of the local YFC program.  At that time, Ken Waggoner was the Director.  Cam Floria, Steve Hilson, John Lee and Wil Renzema were the Directors that I had the privilege to travel under, to over 48 countries around the world.  My horizons have been deepened and my mission field broadened as a result of becoming a Continental all those years ago and I have not stopped being a Continental yet!  Everything I have done or been a part of was deeply affected because of my involvement with this group of people, then and now.  I'm so happy to be involved as a board member of this Global ministry.  It is because our ministry was set forth on the scripture "Go into ALL the world....." that we are still singing and ministering with the Gospel and Music.  Because 65,000 plus teens have been singing their way around the world, thousands and thousands have found Jesus to be their personal friend and partner as of result of our "going".  




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