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Lives in Dana Point, CA


Current Occupation: CGF Board member, voice actor, homemaker





Director/Mentors: Connie Kennemer, Soozi Bolte, Jim Custer



"In 1977, my small world in Indiana was turned topsy-turvy when I stepped off the plane in Los Angeles and began experiencing the world through the eyes of a Continental Singer. The music, the costumes, choreography, sound and lighting, a bridge full of scripture to memorize,endless hours of rehearsal.....all pulling together a Christ-centered concert to take on the roads of America and around the world. My life changed forever.


Several tours over the next decade built the most amazing memories in my life. I still see the face of the Polish woman in Warsawwho gave her life to Jesus, the desperate faces of hungry children in Soweto, South Africa, the young family in East Berlin who took great risk to host us in their home, and countless hands raised to acknowledge a new found faith in Christ. My passion for the hearts of people found a home in my Continental experience.


My courage was awakened as our bus hydroplaned down Mount Eagle in the pouring rain, where upon impact, we were astonished realizing that we had crashed backwards into the mountain and all were safe falling back in our seats. I knew I had experienced a miracle that day. It was on a Russian train where I had suffered a head injury and gotten all stitched up in a dimly lit Vienna hospital, that I saw the power of prayer sustain and bind together our tour in ways never imagined.


I believe that my prayer passion, my gifts in discipling others, my commitment to excellence and my longing for more were all born in my Continental experiences. Yes, in 1977 I went from a naive Indiana girl to a globally minded adventurer.



Christa Miller Kelso

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